Session Information

Preparing for your portrait session shouldn’t be stressful! 

Things to think about before your session:

1. COMFORT: When deciding what to wear, think not only of how outfits look, but also about how you/your children will feel when wearing them.  There is nothing worse than a great looking dress that you can’t sit comfortably in, a trendy pair of shoes you can’t walk in, or an outfit that makes your little one itch or squirm!  Choose items for yourself and your family that allow for free movement, sitting and walking, because we’ll be doing all of those things!

2. SESSION LOCATION: When choosing what to wear, consider the location of the session.  Choose outfits that complement the setting.

3. WEATHER: Consider the temperature and time of year when choosing clothing for your session.  Choose items that work with the weather and season.

4. WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR IMAGES: When deciding what to wear, consider how you plan to display your images.  Choose colors that compliment your decor.  (As decorating tastes may change over time, neutral color palettes often work well because they will coordinate with any color decor in the home).

5. SESSION EXPECTATIONS: The most important thing I tell my clients is that there is no such thing as universal perfection.  We will strive for the images that make your heart sing, but the best advice I can give is to let your children be who they are.  These moments in time are so fleeting.  For young children, there will be so many opportunities over the years for them to look at the camera and smile.  How much longer will they look into your eyes and do the same?  Be flexible with what “perfection” looks like based on your family, your children, and your own personal dynamic.  Have fun, and let me capture what your heart sees daily.